For someone who has been following the Britney Spears discography I have seen her ups and downs but still she does make beautiful music! This talented teenager became such a hit when her debut album topped the charts in 1999, Baby One More Time. She went on to capture the hearts of many with her different musicality.

Britney Spears Discography: The Descent

With her first four albums hitting over the 10 million mark in sales, US and overseas combined, we knew she would continue with her success. However, Britney Spears seemed to have hit a snag after her 2003 release.

During this time she was having personal problems. She got married, gave birth twice, and had to go through a bad divorce. All those years she still wrote songs and recorded a few and come 2007 released her album Blackout. It was not received with much gusto in the US, selling only about a million copies. By the end of 2008, her Blackout album managed to sell a little over 3 million copies.


Britney Spears Discography: The Steady Comeback

She released another album in 2008, Circus. This was an all pop and dance album. This album received some positive reviews from critics and drew a lot of comparisons to her Blackout album. The song, Womanizer, became such a hit with most of us fans, giving the pop superstar a number 1 song in years in the US. It also enjoyed commercial success in the world market. This was considered to be her biggest selling album with more than 15 million in digital sales plus 4 million units overseas.

Womanizer also topped music charts in 9 countries. It even got her a Grammy nomination but lost out to Poker Face of Lady Gaga.


The Big Comeback

In 2011, she released her album Femme Fatale, that roughly three years after the success of Circus. This seventh album still has the dance genre but has inclusions like techno, trance, and dubstep. She further proves that her music continues to grow and improve over the years.

According to her, this is a fierce dance album and aims to provide a different groove. She didn’t want to create comparisons with her previous albums and just wanted to make this one different in terms of sound and the music.

Having to compete with the “now” artists like Rihanna and Nicki Minaj, she had to bring in a different kind of flavor to stay fresh and competitive. This album was considered to be a wild card. Though there are hints of the old Spears music like the song Gasoline which can be compared to the sound of Toxic, the pop superstar really tried to give her fans a different kind of Britney Spears sound.


She Is Here To Stay

Britney Spears DiscographyWith this album she has proved to the world that she is too talented to be left out in the cold. Britney Spears says this is her best work so far, and critics and fans alike couldn’t agree more. True, her life and her career has its ups and downs, but with how the Britney Spears discography looks like, the pop superstar is here to stay.