She started out really big and judging from the Britney Spears discography she is to be considered one of the most successful female singers of our generation. Her music is as colorful as her personal life.

Britney Spears Discography: Her Humble Beginnings

Our generation will always remember her as one of our friends in Mickey Mouse Club. We know that she won’t be young forever and when she graduated from the Disney show, she went on and recorded her very first album.

The debut album Britney Spears…Baby One More Time became an instant hit upon its release in January of 1999. We knew she was headed for stardom when the title track, Hit Me Baby One More Time became a monster hit and went on to rule pop charts around the world. This album sold more than 12 million units in the US plus another 30 million units worldwide. We all knew that a new pop sensation has arrived.


Britney Spears Discography: Hits After Hits

Her rise to fame was unstoppable. Her songs became chartbusters. With the release of her second album, Oops! I Did It Again further established her as a bestselling singer. It was evident in this second outing that this teenager is starting to grow up. While the sound is still the same with her first album, there are songs indicating that this young girl is ready to take on more mature songs.


Was Her Fans Ready For The Changes?

We all grew up with her, admit it or not. Britney Spears’ evolution from a teenager to adult superstar is very evident in her albums. Her songs and her music seemed to have grown as she grows up. Most of us were not ready for her transformation, though. Judging from how her succeeding album releases fared commercially, some fans were turned off about how her music turned out to be.

Yes, it was still the same upbeat music but the theme was geared more on love and sex. Most of us weren’t quite ready for that.


How Her Other Albums Fared?

Britney Spears DiscographyBy the time she released her fifth album, Blackout, in 2007, about four years after her last studio album, she already two kids, married, and divorced. While undergoing huge changes in her personal life, she managed to record an upbeat album according to what she really wanted. This fifth album is more of a collaboration of electro pop and dance music, with funk and Euro disco. Songs are about fame and fortune, dancing, but still with a lot of sex.

This album became very controversial because of the pictures of the pop superstar with a man dressed like a priest in very compromising and suggestive poses. The album was critically acclaimed, though. But critics weren’t too much happy with how her vocals sounded to be too engineered.

This album wasn’t as commercially successful as the others, reaching only 1 million in sales in the United States while achieving a little over 3 million overseas.

Talented as she is, Britney Spears discography contains a lot of hits and misses.