Britney Jean Spears is known as the Pop Princess because of her highly successful Britney Spears discography. She is a very popular American pop icon. She has already released to date seven studio albums, with every single album reaching millions of unit sales in the US and around the world. She also released twelve compilation albums as well as thirty-six singles as well as two promotional singles.


The Recording Company That That Believe In Britney’s Talents

I have all her records were released under Jive Records where she has a recording contract. Jive Records is the one company that trusted her talent while other recording companies rejected her because they felt the audiences were not ready for another female pop icon like Madonna. At that time, the music industry was dominated by boy bands. As it turns out, they were wrong and Jive Records reaped the rewards of their trust in the ability of Britney to showcase her talents.

To date, Britney Spears has sold more than 100 million albums all over the world. She also sold more than 28.6 million digital singles in the United States alone. She is therefore considered as one of the best-selling female music artists of her generation.


Numerous Accolades Received By The Britney Spears Discography

Britney Spears is known in the music industry because of her ability to sell her albums in record-breaking speed. She is recognized by Billboard as the 8th overall Artists of the Decade because of her second album ‘Oops!…I Did It Again’ which sold 1,319,193 units on the very first week it was released. Because of this, Britney Spears was also recognized as the best-selling female artist of the first decade in the 21st century.

Her first album ‘Baby One More Time’ was certified by the Recording Industry Association of America as fourteen-time platinum. This was her highest selling album ever, breaking records of more than 12 million units sold in the US and more than 28 million units sold globally.


The Transition Album In The Britney Spears Discography

Unlike other artists who tend to release a self-titled album as their debut album, Britney Spears released hers as her third album. Her self-titled album ‘Britney’ was considered as her transition album because it marked her transition from being a pop music artist to a hip hop and R&B artist. This was also her release from the teeny bopper image to more mature and daring performances. One of the songs in this album entitled ‘I’m A Slave For You’ was a worldwide hit and many music critics that it was truly a transition from her previous material. It was more mature and daring.


The Album With Madonna Collaboration

Britney Spears DiscographyBritney Spears is one of the lucky ones to be able to work with her idol. In November 2003 she released her fourth album entitled ‘In The Zone’. Included in the playlist was the song ‘Me Against the Machine’ which was a song collaboration with her all-time idol Madonna. The song reached the top spot in the European Hot 100 Singles. The same album also earned her the Grammy in the Best Dance Recording category. This is the album in the entire Britney Spears discography that actually gained her credibility among her critics.